About me, Maree of MoGirl DESIGNS – The Mad Seamstress’s


Me & my mate – Jam

Hi, I am Maree from MoGirl Designs, I like to think of myself as, the  mad seamstress, of MoGirl DESIGNS.

I  live in Wiltshire, England with my husband Nick and our two kids – Marmalade & Jam. (Yes, they would be the cat and the dog.)

I have spent a life time sewing as I love to create stuff – It’s the only way I can describe what I do. I have a part-time, day job in retail and spend the rest of the week making cushion covers to sell in my Etsy boutique –


or making myself a new out fit of some description.

Sewing makes me happy and I love to just muck in my sewing room.  Sometimes my inner child takes over and it can be colour clashing – but hey.. life’s too short to be a grown up all the time.

Cushion covers at MoGirl DESIGNS
Statement cushion covers – not for the faint hearted.


I have now been doing my cushion empire  part time for a while now. It keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. (Well except for Osborne and Littles annual sale.  The husband and I always flight as it is usually budget blow out.)

I specialise in velvet fabrics that are bright, contemporary, fun, in bold colour combinations. I always have a supple of lovely linen- print, plains along with beautiful embroidered ones. Plus a small selection silks- who doesn’t love that special silk cushion cover.

Over sized Fashionista Bag, by Maree, The mad seamstress’s of MoGirl DESIGNS.
Fashionista Bag.

I started out making bags originally – but to  be honest I found them too time consuming and very little profit. (man hour of labour in my bags against what I could charge for it.) Nick- my husband suggested I make a few cushion covers and add them into my shop and then suddenly, I was making cushion covers and no longer bags…

I find it quite hard to blog regularly even thought I enjoy the writing experience, (when I was younger, I wanted to be a writer or a journalist. However the constant reminder that I was a poor speller always made me self conscience of that.  All is can say now, is thanks god for spell check!)

You can always check in with me at my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/MoGirlDESIGNS here you are much more likely to find out what I am up to and whats in production, just in case it’s been a while since I have popped by my wordpress blog.

Marfy coat pattern 3772.
Winter wedding outfit, 2016.

I am what I would call a sewer – I have made some beautiful clothes in my time. My cream jacket for my brother in laws wedding in 2016 rates as one of my fav’s. I did fashion  for 3 years at college and am a experienced seamstress. My clothes have to look just as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

I think of my style as personal and don’t share it with the world….. Not a great theory to show off my skills…  but I do love a compliment when I have spent hours / days making something and a complete stranger say’s how much they love it, so I am going to try and share some of my outfits here.

My husband though it was odd at first, now he too has a smile when we are out and I get a compliment on my outfit.

Anyway, that’s just a little about me – thanks for stopping by. You will discover more about me in each post

Maree x

‘The mad seamstress’ , of MoGirl DESIGNS