Embrace the colour

Colour is a funny thing and I would say a rather personal choice.

Are you a slave to fashion and only surround yourself with the colours of the season or are you ahead of the pack defining what we all will wear. Or the 3rd option, you don’t really care..and just go for black and neutral?

I have tried to go a little research to discover what is going to be the colour for 2017. Pantone are telling us it’s green – yes call it what you will, but we are to bring the outdoors in with with shades of greenery which you will find in our gardens.


Head over to the fashion front and this summer is eye popping fuchsia pink with those zingy yellows and tropical greens is what we will all be wearing should we desire to be on trend.

Do more research on the home décor front and it’s in a nut shell you are taking yellow, green, blue, pops of purple (all of certain shades I must add) mixed those neutrals called taupe and mushroom.

Greenery at MoGirl DESIGNS

Confusing right?

I find it hard enough to be on the fashion front with what I wear let alone embracing the colour of the season in my home and having to be on trend there to. Do my mates really care if my sofa cushions are the latest on trend colour with the perfect accent feature wall or do they just want a comfort spot on my sofa that’s not too covered in dog fur and know I won’t moan when they spill red wine on my cushions in fits of laughter?

As I have got older I have discovered I care less about what’s actually in fashion and embrace more of what I like. I love a bit of pink, I love a 50’s inspired dress, I love a stupid and wild print – yes the more colourful the better. I shy away from labels as I hate to be branded. I don’t want to see some else in the same thing I reject that morning from my wardrobe.

I am me and I want to surround myself with things that bring a smile to my face so if your choosing new cushions for your sofa or daring to paint a wall a stupid colour or wanting to go a step further and do something outrageous in the down stairs loo,  my top tip is – pick something that tickles your fancy.

I think a lot of us start with that magnolia house and wonder around in it for a bit until inspiration strikes. We look at things and go OMG I really love that – but can I… Will it work?… Is this what’s ‘in’ at them moment.. Is anyone else going to like it…

Penelope Pitstop

I am not saying its okay to redo your living space in Penelope Pitstop pink as your one true love, my very well hate you for it and it could lead a to divorce but there are ways of embracing colour and making a statement in your home without going the whole hog.

You may not be able to commit to the sofa in a pink, but the perfect sofa in a neutral shade is an amazing backdrop to embrace your hearts desire colour.

Pick your hearts desire colour and mix it with neutral tones as a splash of colour. Start of with one mad colour and then work up to mixing self coloured fabrics, textures and tones to create a bold look. Add stripes and patterns for fun.

Mix texture and print for fun.

Mix up colours for a fun look, pink and lime is a great combination as is purple and lime. Go for orange and pinks or dare to be on trend and embrace shades of blue denim for one of this season looks.

To balance your cushions else where in your room buy a piece of coloured glass or a beautiful vase and add in your chosen coloured blooms. For a more cost effect option try and find the perfect house plant that matches. I do love a flowering cactus.

Our homes are a reflection of our personality and style and for some people selecting a colour scheme is a truly scary option. We worry about what people will think of our homes the moment we let them over the threshold. Always having to be ‘so grown up’ we think colour is for children and stay away from the bold and bright and only let in those traditional tones enter our space.

But be brave and buy those colours that bring a smile to your face and say good by to the bland. You dont have to follow the herd to be defined by the colours you choose.

Trust me, your friends will think you have embraced the crazy as they sit on your new perfectly picked out taupe sofa dressed in a eclectic mix of orange pink and purple with a bit of ‘greenery’ through in for good measure -cushions,  working out how the hell were you so brave in your choice and can they pull off similar in there place.



All cushion covers currently available in my etsy shop until sold https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MoGirlDESIGNS

Penelope Pitstop is fictional character who appeared in the Hanna-Barbera animated series Wacky Races.


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