Hello, its been a while since I stopped by.

OMG , I think it’s been over 2 years since I took a look at my WordPress blog.

This year I decided it was time to go back to writing and that I needed to make time for it. Life is as always pretty full on. Never enough time in the day to get everything done so something’s like my blog just got nelegected along the way.

This year I have started writing again and I have been doing weekly post so far linked to my etsy shop – you will find them at www.https://mogirldesigns.patternbyetsy.com/blog

I am undecided if I should use the patternbyetsy as my main blog post or come back to my WordPress blog – I have to be honest this decision is leaving me a little confessed for the moment so I might just double publish my blog post ? Well … for next little bit anyway.img_4097

Life in some ways has not really changed.  I am still working part time and along side the day job I am making my brightly coloured cushion covers.  Velvet is still my first pick of fabric in the bright colours I can find and when I get a chance to do a little free sewing it’s a massive production.. very planned and usually quite colourful.  In the last 2 years I have made some super special numbers. It’s been more about ‘the outfit’ than just making a dress if you know what I mean.

img_1126My mum is currently not at her best and I have returned to Australia 🇦🇺 twice last year and heading off again at the end of March. Each trip has been about a month long so I am kind of always chasing my tail – orders to catch up on when I get back, extra time at work to make up for my extended trip to Australia, making more stock to keep my cushion empire  ticking over while I am away.

Then when I get to Oz – I try and wait 24 hours before I pull out the sewing machine (my mum has my machine that I had at college in the cupboard in the spare room) and before I hit the local patchwork shop http://www.justpatchwork.com.au where I am on first name basis with the owner – and then start sewing again. It’s usually something I have decided I need while away or making fun stuff for by brothers little boys.

This time I call my free sewing – anything but cushions and completely guilt free. My mum hates the fact that her ironing board spends the next month up in my sewing corner of her living room and she ends up with bits always over her table.  Ooh well..

This is really just a quick catch up. I haven’t really changed or done much different since I last posted. I work, I sew, I walk the dog and clean the house. Then do it all again.  What I sew changes and is always a production. This little teal number was done for my brother in laws wedding last year. This year it will be a Christening dress 👗.  Oh how I love an ‘outfit’.

Maybe one thing has changed.. my outfits.. I no longer care what people may think and I have embraced the madness of full colour style. I think that has come with age.


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