How I make my cushions covers.

New cushions- November 2014
New cushions November 2014

I thought it might be nice to share with everyone how I make my cushion covers. It’s a relative simple process and I have so say I don’t give it much thought.

I know a lot of other sellers tend to use button backs or envelope closes’ on there cushions, but all mine and zipped and I have the same fabric both sides of my covers! (however there is the odd exception.)

This week I have been off from the day job and my poor husband has driven about 1300 miles in his day job and I have been left happily ‘to muck’ as he would put it. – Basically home alone except of Marmalade and Jam (yes, the cat & dog as company).

On monday I decided to go with black and white theme.  Over the week it also merged into a little grey & then a splash of colour.   I try to work  from the same colour palate as much as possible.

I tend to work in a bit of production process.  I think it’s a hangover from fashion college & being told you try to do as much of the same thing all at the one time.

Overlocked zipper edge.  Zip place in position.  5cm in from each end.
Overlocked zipper edge. Zip place in position. 5cm in from each end.

Overlock the zipper edge.

Press that edge over 1cm to the right side of the fabric.

Place zip into position with a pin -5cm in from the raw edge and working from the closed end of the zip to the open end.






Two rows of stitching.

I do two rows of stitching on the zip.  One at the outer edge and one as close as possible to the zipper teeth.

I love my adjustable piping foot for this as you can get right up close to the zipper teeth






Cut zipper to size.
Cut zipper to size.

If the zipper is too long, I cut back to size – marking the other end of the cushion with a pin where the zip should finish.

Turn zipper teeth towards outer edge & Zig Zag across the teeth.

Cut off excess.





Matched stripes and no stitching on the out side of the cushion cover
Cushion folded out.  Matched stripes & no outer edge stitching lines.

Fold cushion open and give a good press along the zipped edge.  (I always iron on the wrong size of my fabric where possible)

You can see by my odd zip method that you have no outer edge stitching lines and the fabric is as close as possible to the exposed zipper teeth.


Stitch the open ends closed at each end of the zip.



Stiched down side seams, taking time to match zips / pattern.  Square across the last edge.
Stiched down side seams, taking time to match zips / pattern. Square across the last edge.

Fold cushion closed – leaving zipper shut. I work from the zip edge out.

Make sure your cushion is square from the zipped edge. Match any stripes or pattern that your fabric has.

Pin the top edge into position and then pin side seams.

  •    NB You will have a generous seam allowance here of about 2 / 2.5cm. This may seem excessive, but some fabrics fray more than others or I may need a bit to play with to match a stipe or a pattern.
  • You would be surprised how many covers I have cut, thinking they are square and then discovering they are not even when making in square from the selvage edge.
  • Cut off any excess – so both covers will have the same seam allowance.  It doesn’t matter what the seam allowance is- best to work to 1.5cm

Stitch, both side seams first.

Re measure from the zipped edge to the finished size.  I always find this edge varies anywhere from 1cm to 3cm.  It depends upon the thickness of the fabric or how much it frays’

Or even no matter how much care I have taken, this edge may simple not end up being square.

I will mark with a pencil / chalk or pin, in my straight line.

Open zipper a little to make easer to turn out.

Stitch last edge close.

Restitch around cushion – re informing all corners as you go

Clip corners – not too close to stitching.

Overlock around cushion – both pieces fabric separately.  This remove any excess seams allowance.

Turn cushion through  – Give corners a gently push out with a knitting needle.  (I am guilty of using scissor points when I can find my corner pointer)


I tend to put the iron in the cover and press seams flat this works perfectly with larger covers but not so with smaller covers.

And that.. Is how I make my cushion covers.

Silver, Black and white cushion covers












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