Have I embraced colour a little too much?

Fabric selection.  Is this too much colour?
Fabric selection. Is this too much colour?

Have I embraced colour a little too much?

Last week I just wanted to make something – anything really.  I had been inspired by all the new season pattern from Marfy in an email and just felt  like making something for me and it had to be done that day.  So in my stash I go.  I pulled out every bit of dress fabric that took my fancy and then pulled out my pattern box and had a look at what I could ‘create’.

It had to be done from my stash and I was in no mood to hit the shops and find something; that would have taken a day and my energy to create was kinda NOW!

Also being a little cash strapped – as I am saving every spare sent for my day out on Friday.  I am off to The handmade Fair at Hampton Court, I didn’t want to have to part with any extra cash as you never know what I must have on Friday.  It’s a girls day out, so there will be coffee and cake, lunch and afternoon sparkle.  A wad of cash for events like this are essential.

McCall's 6996
Shirt dress and slip pattern. McCall’s 6996

So back to my stash-

I decided on a dress shirt pattern McCall’s 6696 purchased  couple of months back and then looked at what I had. I raided my patchwork fabric box to see what was a couple of longer lengths as the pattern does say 3 meters.  I had to add in a couple of other fabrics as I wouldn’t have enough. I don’t mind going colourful.. but Nicks response when he came home from work and found me and my creation wasn’t well… flattering.

A – he doesn’t like the yellow shoe fabric.

B – he named my dress ‘The Frankenstein’

C – he suggested out of all of my fabric stash – yes there is a lot – ‘Was that the best I could come up with?’

D – He nor Jam (our dog) does not want to be seen out in public with me in ‘The Frankenstein’ creation. People will just laugh at them.

My collar has a few problems- Lesson 1 - DO NOT make a collar from scrapes.  Orange, 2 pieces.  Green , 3 pieces and then I cut a great big gash into it.
My collar has a few problems.  Lesson 1 – DO NOT make a collar from scrapes. Orange, 2 pieces. Green, 3 pieces; and then I cut a great big gash into it.

and E – (my personal favourite) ‘Could I not make something that is a little less of a statement’. Clearly he does not know his wife…

Overall..I guess that means he doesn’t like it….

Okay so the yellow  shoe fabric is a statement in its self and yellow is not a colour for everyone. Perhaps the yellow should have been made into a pair of pj bottoms, but it’s too late for that now and well what the hell, I have a fun tran seasonal shirt dress –

Maree Cunningham of MoGirl Designs and my mate Jam
McCalls Shirt dress pattern M6696 My style is not for the faint hearted.

Wear it with jeans as a coat style dress, with tights and boots for a more winter look, a simple white slip underneath with wedges or for when I am walking Jam- pink converse trainers.  I would say I have made the perfect all-rounder dress.

I hate to tell you this my love, but my new dress – aka ‘the Frankenstein’ or as what I like to call it now – ‘The Joseph’ (short for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)  may just be my winter 2014/15 staple.

Embrace colour and smile!

Maree xx

Fabric used

  • Timeless Treasures: Platform fashion shoes retro 70’s / 80’s, Bright Yellow C7357
  • Ann Kelle  for Robert Kaufman: REMIX- Multi Stripe AAK 10397 – 195 Bright
  • Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman: REMIX – Multi Hearts AAK 10395 – 195 Bright
  • Lily Ashbury for Moda: FOLKLORE – Peacock Paisley 11487 / 16 Pumpkin
  • Lily Ashbury for Moda: FOLKLORE Daisy Foulard 11488 /12 Celery

One thought on “Have I embraced colour a little too much?

  1. Don’t listen to them Maree – I think your new Joseph dress is great, will really cheer people up as you walk down the street to see all that lovely colour coming their way. People used to wear these colours all the time a few decades ago, we are all so boring now with our browns and blacks and blues…

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