Where has the year gone? September already.

A lovely fuchsia still in bloom in the garden
A lovely fuchsia still in bloom in the garden

I can not believe we have hit Autumn my Northern Hemisphere friends. (My Southern Hemisphere friends have hit spring and all I can say is lucky em’!)  I am now faced with days getting shorter my SAD kicking in (that is seasonal affective disorder and it is real!)  It took me 5 years to figure it out. I don’t know if its psychology but this week I have struggled.

This year has flown by and I can not believe we have hit autumn and having christmas conversations already.  But I work in retail and it’s not surprising and next month I have to book 2015 holidays…

Yes, I am planning them already. Where has this year gone?

I know with my mum being ill and me living on the other side of the planet doesn’t help and I have lost a chunk of my year in Australia. I have got to be honest, it wasn’t hard.. lovely weather, my mum’s dog, spending time with my niece’s  and nephew’s and getting to sew everyday with cocktail hour kicking off at 3pm and tim tams on tap – ooh & twisties.  I did solider on.

Felt Christmas Stocking
Felt Christmas Stocking

But we are now September and having that ‘C’ conversation. It is just around the corner and like it or not, I know it will happen.  This year will be no exception.

So I have made a decision and kind of embrace the season by jointing all the other high street retails opening their christmas shop.  I have opened a christmas shop on Folksy which has all the left over bits from last years christmas fair.

This year I have decided not to do any and I would like to get rid of all my bits and bobs so next year, I can start a fresh! I feel I have priced my items very completely however I will say make me an offer.  You never know your luck! Message me.

Modern design Christmas bunting
Modern design Christmas bunting

Not only do I have all my christmas decorations that I have made, there is the bunting, table runner and christmas stockings!

You will find an assortment of bags – shoppers, totes and samples.

Two lovely lavender owls in desperate need of a home.  They have spent the 12 months sitting in  plastic box and just want to be loved and coin purses.

Just some of the items available in my Folksy shop www.folksy.com/shops/MoGirlDESIGNS
Just some of the items available in my Folksy shop http://www.folksy.com/shops/MoGirlDESIGNS

I will  also clear out my etsy shop and put in some of my cushions.  It is a work in progress and hopefully  be the end of next week, it will all be live.  I will keep the Folksy shop till early in the new year and depending on how it goes I may keep it along side my Etsy shop and manage both.

I do kind of like keeping it simple and running to online shops scares me slightly, but I will see how it goes. Both shops will sell world-wide and currently all my UK listings from Folksy http://www.folksy.com/shops/MoGirlDESIGNS have FREE UK postage. I will be sending them 2nd class, but still its an offer, if you are tempted.

Thanks for stopping by and I will show you next time all my lovely makes from Australia as part of my guilt free sewing part 2!

Enjoy early autumn (or spring).  Either way, we creative types will be thinking Christmas cake, pickles and this year I am making sloe gin and  limoncello. Well a girl needs something to get through the silly season…

Maree X


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