Guilt Free sewing

This year I have headed home to Australia on my own. Nick has stayed in the U.K. with the kids (Marmalade & Jam) and I have gone home for three weeks to spend time with my mum who has just come out of hospital.

My main reason for this trip is to really play nurse maid and make sure my mum get well and does nothing silly, but the other real high light of this trip is three weeks guilt free sewing. That means I can make what ever I want for me!

It’s been simply ages – well other than my new summer top I knocked up a few weeks back. But I can sew to my heart’s content and not be moan at- ” do you not have cushions to be made and listed from that huge pile of fabric…?”

I did get some cushions made before I left, but I didn’t have enough time to get any pictures done. At lest I know I have some fresh stock waiting for me when I get home.

Oversized Fashionista Bag by Lisa Lam from  for an amazing array of bag making supplies
Oversized Fashionista Bag by Lisa Lam from for an amazing array of bag making supplies

Nick has been left in charge of all posting of cushions from my etsy shop so I have not had to close my shop, just custom orders have had to go on hold for the next few weeks.

I have packed all my essential sewing kit; scissors-pushing 30 years old -which will get sharpened by the old bloke down the road and be as good as new once more- fabric, patterns, purse frames, thread, bobbins, everything the away from home sewer will need. I still have a sewing machine at my mums, it may need a service but I am sure a bit of oil and a clean and it will be ready to go.

I have purchased everything I need for Lisa lam ‘Oversized Fashionista bag’ – I have had the fabric purchase for ages and never got around to it, so this is the week it will to be done. I had a bit of a binge at as I was getting everything I need to complete my bag and purchased a great purse kit to make as well.

My brothers twins will get an animal made for them, that I will decide upon when I walk through the doors of the my mums local patchwork shop, Just Patchwork.  It’s how a shop should be – filled to the brim of lots of lovely fabric, trims and patterns and you can be just left to discover. Gay the owner knows me on sight we chat as I pull out everything I like and then I decide upon what I will make and complete my purchase.  Usually I have a number of trips to the shop while I am at my mums.

McCalls M6604 Top pattern
McCall’s M6604                                                              Top pattern picked out and fabric purchased!

I have also packed a couple of top patterns with.  I fancy a new dress, but I will have to wait and see what I discover fabric wise before I can confirm that creation.

Guilt free sewing .. I am looking forward to that but I have to remember the real reason for my trip to oz and that is to make sure my mum is all better.

Thread, pins and fabric all over her living room floor is just something she will have to put up with for a couple of weeks. It’s nothing she hasn’t had to put up with before.

Ooh no she locked me in my bedroom and told me to keep the mess in there and turn down that god awful music.

It will be like I’m 16 all over again.

Happy sewing everyone.


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