Vogue top pattern V8196

I have been a bit quite of late on the blog front and my etsy shop.  I have done a few overtime days at work for a little cash, which I have to say does have a slight knock on effect on the empire front.

Also I am heading off to home to  Australia to catch up with the family so I have been a little side tracked with that as well. A couple of nice days and I am out pottering in the garden and before I know it, its back to the day job.

Vogue V8196
Vogue V8196

Another week has passed.  Where have my days gone?

Last week, I thought I would make myself a little top as I have been looking for something on the high street and not only can I not find anything -actually I am not sure what I want.   I thought..lets have a look in the stash and see what I have…

So I dug out an old vogue pattern purchased at lest 4 years ago -with fabric, which still has not been made up.

So I though, let’s do it and by this time tomorrow I will have myself a nice new top.

How wrong was I!

I would just to say, to all those guys and gals on ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ and ‘Project Runway’. I feel that I am an excellent sewer if not a little pickie about all my finishes and could give you all run for your money, but how do you complete a garment in six hours! I don’t know how you do it and I take my hat off to you!!

I would be a more than a happy bunny, If I could knock up a little top, dress, trousers in the alloted time.  But sadly this is never the case.

Vogue Pattern V8
Vogue Pattern V8196

I am a little fussy and I usually have to tweak my pattern fit as I am a muddle of sizes and never can just knock up one set size.

This is my first summer top of 2014 and sadly my first make for myself in nearly 12 months.

I am not 100% happy with this little number as I have to be honest, I think I am carrying a little too much weight to get the best look, but it’s still a fun top to wear out with jeans for the summer.

I have another pattern and fabric picked out, but I somehow I think, that will be my project at mum for 3 weeks.

 Happy sewing everyone.




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