Work room, stage 1

Pip Studio 'Birds of Paradise'
Pip Studio ‘Birds of Paradise’

When we started to look at moving house last year, part of the deal was that I would have sewing room / work space for my empire.  From that moment on, I started to design my room.  I was going to have a sewing room, that I could decorate to my hearts desire.

I drove everyone mad at my old job with wallpaper samples and fabrics.  This was a major deal for someone who never liked wallpaper and actually didn’t get it.  In Australia, wallpaper is not the thing to have.  However working in the soft furnishing department of a leading UK department store every chance I got, I dragged out a wallpaper book and fabric samples saying .. what about this, with this??

I had discovered a wallpaper book that took my fancy and if I was having a sewing room,  well maybe…

Yes, and I also have the matching robe!

I think no one had any doubt that my room would be anything less than colourful. I had developed a reputation for something a little mad at work and I know it’s not everyone’s taste, but I do think we all should have something in our life that makes us smile.  I am a firm believer of that.  Life is too short.

A new book shelf is added and tressle table
A new book shelf is added and trestle table

My husband even smiles as he walks up the stairs when the sun is streaming into my room and says its lovely to have something so bright a colourful. However this does not give  me rights over the rest of the house & he is amazed that the wallpaper has yet not fallen to the floor.

For the last year and a half, I have know what I wanted and not long after we moved in, I had a painter and decorator come to give me a quote.  The quote did not scare me but that fact he said –

Please wait till at lest next summer before you do it, as it’s a new build. You will cry if you came down one morning and found that your expensive wall paper had a big fat rip in it.

I rede between the lines and with too many years of retail experience he was actually saying-

He thought I would be one of these women that would be screaming down the phone at him ‘my £100- a roll wall paper has ripped come and fix it’ conversations. I will add that was for the down stairs loo.

He did frown at me when I explained I knew I need three rolls to cover the main wall in my sewing room and I had one £5- roll from  a sale and was intending to buy another two rolls. Yes, I knew they would end up coming from two different batches and the colour would be slightly different (I had this conversation many times myself when selling wallpaper / fabric to customers…  I didn’t care, it would only be one drop, with a book shelf next to it.)  He was not impressed.

Impressive! I have made it to the end of wall one!
Impressive! I have made it to the end of wall one!
I even suprised myself my removing the power point to get a super neat finish.
I even surprised myself my removing the power point to get a super neat finish.

So as it turned out, six months later I had come to the conclusion, ‘how hard can it be..?’

By this stage, I had picked out a contrasting wall paper for another wall that was £150- per roll.  I need 2.  Less staff discount well I don’t earn enough to buy expensive wall paper and pay someone to do it. Something had to give.

A few blog post later on diy wallpapering  and a video on how to hang wallpaper from B&Q and I was more than happy to give it a go.

Nick was impressed that the morning of my wallpapering there was no swearing.  Very unlike me and the fact that I said I had to unscrew the power point to the wall and tick in the paper and refused point-blank to go with this stanley knife around the power point option that he suggested.

Me, in my very neat workroom... if only it could be like this all the time.
Me, in my very neat workroom… if only it could be like this all the time.

He marvelled at my pattern matching skills and even my mother in law (who has wallpapered her whole house and little put out that I had not asked her to do it) was impressed with my effort.

Stage 2 - more wall paer and a little paint.  Still unsure of what , byt now it has to wait till the end of the summer.
Stage 2 – more wall paper and a little paint. Still unsure of what , but now it has to wait till the end of the summer.

My room is only at stage 1. I have to save up for my next wall, get a bit of painting done, decoupage a Ikea chest of drawers that I want and purchase and get a new desk chair and a floor lamp. Check out my pinintest page of all my style options.

It may take me a couple of months of over time, cushion making and breaking down every so often  and treating my self to something silly.  But my sewing room..Is going o be a room that brings a smile to ones face.


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