Osborne and Little spring 2014 sale.

Osborne and Little fabric sale haul.... how much is tooo much fabric?
Osborne and Little fabric sale haul…. how much is tooo much fabric?

Last month, I went to the annual Osborne and Little spring clearance sale. Its like fabric heaven!

Every year they have a sale and sell off all sorts of things.  Curtains from window displays, roman blinds, chairs, cushions, wallpaper and the main star of the show – fabric!  All the big fabric house do have them and Designer Guild has theirs in January when I really have no money to go.

I was on a bit of a budget and went for the best value – the maximum metreage  for the less money. Osborne and Little tend to get rid of their fabric in two ways – pre packed remnants which is a bit like a scrum fight as all the remnants are in huge meter square wide and deep boxes! (you have to see them to believe it) Or you can buy fabric from the role.

That falls into three price points of £7- £15- £25 per meter.  The guys always cut this generously, but still I thought this trip I would just fight my way through the massive scrum and go for the boxed remnants, due to the fact I was on a very tight budget.

Osborne and Little SALOON & DuBARRY STRIPE in magenta
Osborne and Little SALOON & DuBARRY STRIPE in Magenta

Nick had only allowed me to take cash and no cards so I could not over spend.  Obviously this had its good and bad points.  No impulse buying -I could only walk out with what I thought I could actually sell as made up cushions and ….. well instead of queuing forever like I have previously as I was paying with cash I got whisked to the front of the que and was out within 10 minutes instead of  the hour that it normally takes to get out.

I have now been three times to this sale and previous experience has told me.

No Friends.  (They do side track you a little from the task at hand)

No Handbag.  Don’t want to have more on you than you actually need.

Get someone to pick you up.  Fist time I went I hurt my shoulder carrying my haul down from Battersea town hall down to Clapham junction train station.  It took 6 months to get better.

Take a jacket to put over your stash so no one else can spy anything in your pile and ask very politely if they can have it, or someone nick it while your back is turned.

Osborne and Little mixed velvet cushion covers www.Mogirldesigns/etsy/com
Osborne and Little mixed velvet cushion covers http://www.Mogirldesigns/etsy.com

A useful thing to take is very large shopping bags – like the ones Ikea have or a little wheelie trolley.  (Mine came from the Hampton court flower show several years ago, which Nick took the mic out of. (It has been back to Hampton court 3 times and twice now to the sales I think I have got my £15- worth from this little friend.)

My haul has total 45 metres.  I did come unstuck a little with my cash only method as I was 5 metres over and had no more money so had to put a few bits back at the till and panicked as I didn’t know what to part with still worry I have parted with my best seller and now all I have to do is get all these lovely cushions made up and listed in my etsy shop.



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