Ironing board cover.

Yes, I feel its time to make a new Ironing Board cover!
Yes, I feel its time to make a new Ironing Board cover!

Well it has been 9 months umm… I would hate to say 12 that I have struggled on with my existing ironing board cover (and yes, the hole has got bigger as I have struggled on!)

I have to admit, I have had my bit of fabric for a while.  It was an eBay purchase, at the beginning of last summer. It was purchased when I was planning on how to decorate my sewing room once we had made the offer on new house last May.

I could say, I was saving it till my room was all done and perfect.  But no.  The truth is I have just not got around to this 2 hour project (if that) and as I am working my way through my project list for my sewing room, this seamed like a fun make to add to my blog.

Pick your fabric.   A good heavy cotton, canvas type fabric is ideal.  Make sure its 100% cotton!

Lay out old cover on fabric & trace around with a 5cm seam allowance
Lay out old cover on fabric & trace around with a 5cm seam allowance

Remove your existing cover from your ironing board and lay out onto the fabric.  I have been slightly pedantic  by finding the middle of my old cover to make sure my pattern is in the correct place – or where I want it to be as it will bother me every time I iron. Sad, I know.

I have added on a good 5cm for my seam allowance around half of the cover. You can either do this all the way around and cut out or fold in half to get both sides exactly the same.

Fabric folded in half.
Fabric folded in half.

Cut around black line, that is the new ironing board cover.

The actual seam allowance I will use is 4 cm. By adding on the 5cm to the shape of my old cover this has given me a little extra to be tucked under the board & when I wash it at some point, the fabric could shrink (I am really bad, I never pre wash anything).  Also you may want to add  a lovely fresh new padding under your cover.  Which will make it all a little thicker.

4cm seam allowance all the way around new cover
4cm seam allowance all the way around new cover

Turn under seam allowance of 4cm.  Press this into place. This is quite wide to the untrained eye, but there is a method to my madness.  It may be easier around the corner to put in the pins use this a fold line and press to form a crease, which will be the size of your finished cover.

Once the crease is pressed in, fold under the raw edge. Your finished seam allowance is now 2 cm.

Gathering stiches at 2cm and 4cm in from eaq edges on curves
Gathering stitches at 2cm and 4cm in from edges on curves.

On the curves you may find this a little thick, so what I did to get a smoother finish was run two gathering lines around the curved edges of fabric – One line 2cm in and the other 4cm in.  By using the gathering stitch, this helps the fabric mould to the rounded shape of your fabric / seams better.

Give a good press to get all puckering nice and flat.

Cord & casing finshed look.
Cord & casing finished look.

Stitch two lines of stitching, leaving a 2cm gap at the tip of your cover to be able to run a length of cord through.

Stich one row on the edge of the seam allowance and the other about a foots width in from the edge.

You should now have a 15mm channel from what was the crease line, back to the 2nd row of stitching you have just done. Take a length of cord – I used roman blind cord – and run through the channel.

Slip your lovely new cover on your ironing board and admire your handy work and now maybe the ironing wont me such as chaw as you have selected a bit of fun fabric that brings a smile to your face.

Mine came from the manufacture Prestigious Textiles called ‘camper van’ in pink.  It also comes in blue & red vans.

Happy Ironing,

Maree xx

Pink Camper Van Ironing Board Cover!
Pink Camper Van ironing board fabric cover!

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