One of my favouriate fabrics -Villa Nova ‘Tea at the Ritz’

'High Society' cushion collection available from
‘High Society’ cushion collection available from

I have just about made it to the end of my unfinished cushion pile.  Only 4 covers to go which I hope to get done this evening or there is the fear of…I will get around to it as I pull out something else from my stash and start working on that.

However I am struggling to reach my goal of 30 cushions in 30 days as the weather hasn’t been so great on my days off and my photos are not up to standard. I try to use natural light, so you see the true colour of all the fabrics.  I have rejected all of last weeks photo and given it another go today.

I have about 20 covers, once again to get photographed all I ask for in a lovely sunny day before I go back to work on Thursday.

'Tea at the Ritz' pipped cushion cover available at
‘Tea at the Ritz’ pipped cushion cover available at

In the process of making it to the end of my unfinished pile I have made up one of my favourite fabrics. Villa Nova ‘Tea at the Ritz’  I have had this bit of fabric cut for simply ages and anything for some reason that I want to pipe sits in the unfinished / to be done pile, forever.

I love this fabric.  I don’t know what it is, the very retro colour way, the 50’s vintage styling of this fabric or the fact, it is just so girly with the big dress that just screams Dior and that magnificent era of fashion that I would have loved to live in.

I have managed to get a several pieces of this collection in more than one colour way.  I love it all and when it comes up on eBay at an amazing price, I always bid on it as I want to desperately make something out of it, but to be honest, I just don’t know what. So it has ended up in the cushion pile to sell.


I look at villa nova’s website for inspiration and I am just confused by what colour I really want and what to make out of my chosen piece of fabric – chair, roman blind, cushion-but where would it go? Then I think, ooh just make a shopper bag and its with me all the time to bring a smile to my face, but I still don’t know.

Villa Nova describes this collection as ‘a nostalgic collection capturing the glamour of the 1950s. This playful print collection pays homage to the fashion of the time, featuring hand drawn ladies in quintessential 1950s dresses and abstract, quirky motifs that reflect the retro influence on the collection. High Society encapsulates the dynamic and revolutionary feel that dominated design of the 50s.’

Yes, I would have to agree, but I still don’t know what I want or where it should go in the house.  Too girly for my husband and in my sewing room.. Not quite the fun colourful look I was striving for, But I do love it.

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