30 cushions in 30 days.

I have set myself a challenge and that is to make, photograph and list -(not sit in a plastic box, in various stages of cuts, sewn, or worse still… all made up and still sitting there several months later) and list 30 cushions in 30 days.  As I try to make two of everything that is 60 cushions covers.  OMG that does seems like a massive task.

MoGirl DESIGNS Mixed Cushion Covers 004  DG OMBRIONE Pink, Lorca YACATAN Clarissa Hulse POTENTILLA
A ‘Mini Pink Collection’ cushion covers

I have set myself this little challenge as its time for some fresh stock in my easy shop. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MoGirlDesigns

Another aim is to carry a 100 lines (currently at 78) and more importantly I have a massive stash of fabric that I have purchased to make into cushions covers and last year that didn’t quite happen, so I have decided to get stuck into it.  Also the Osborne and Little yearly fabric sale is 6 weeks away, so I need to clear a little spare in preparation for my new fabric haul.

I have pulled out my unfinished box -Oh that’s a treasure trove of goodies. Cut cushion fabric all ready for sewing; some with zips, some without, nearly finished bags – leather handles to be added.  Coin purses all cut for craft fairs.  Even my side line to my day job, ends up with unfinished project, it’s not just exclusive to my dress sewing. I have  goodies in this box that dating back to early 2012..

I won’t admit to my oldest unfinished dress project! Cut pinned, partly sewn and travelled half way around the world.  Do share, whats yours?

Osborne and Little  Du Barry Stripes in red and purple
Osborne and Little :  Du Barry Stripes in red & purple https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MoGirlDesigns

This week, I have worked on the un-photographed cushion cover pile. I have spent the last few days taking pics, editing and taking more pics and working on my listings to get them ready for sale.

Yes, this might be a bit of a cheat to complete my cushion challenge. I find the hard part is taking the pictures and working on my listings.  The easy part and the fun bit, is pulling out the fabric from the cupboard, seeing what works together as I always try to make covers in ‘mini collections’ to inspire people to put unusual or put more contemporary colour combinations together.

Just part of my fabric stash
Just part of my fabric stash

I have just about made it to the end of my un-photographed pile, then its time to crack on with the unfinished pile and do something a little fun..

Pull a whole bunch of fabric out of the cupboard, make a big mess on the floor by picking 8 – 12 fabrics and get cutting! I think I will start there, I feel the need for a little fun.


PS I’ll confess my oldest unfinished project that I still have:  it’s a jacket that I cut out in 1998.  umm Please don’t make me feel made and share yours.

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