Cat Nip Cigar


My precious little Jambalina would look like butter would not melt in ones month. But looks can fool you. He thinks he runs the house as this little posting on Facebook would suggest that I found the other week, but we all know its Marmalade.

The one Jam ate
The one Jam ate

Now for christmas Marms got a new cigar or stogey as we refer to them in the Cunningham household.  I would buy her a fresh one

, once in a while from our old vets in Surrey.  I don’t know where they got them from, but these little numbers would send Marmalade into Pussycat heaven. Clearly they are filled with the finest catnip available on the market!

She can often be found ‘drugging’ on the bottom stair and then going a little mad.

Christmas Stogey  001
Cut fabric – 10 x 22cm curve top
Christmas Stogey  002
Fold in half, wrong side out and stitch down long side.

The one I made for Marms, was a  little recycled number as Jam ate her last purchased stogey.

Jam also ate two of Marms Christmas toys this years, before he started on one of his owns.

Sibling reielivery is alive and well in the Cunningham house hold.

I have knocked up this little number from some very appropriate christmas puppy dog patchwork fabric.

Cut a rectangle 10cm wide, by 22cm long.

Curve the tip so it has a slight point; I did this by folding in half and half again, to get the same curve on both sides.

MoGirl DESIGNS Marmalade and her Christmas stoggie
I do love a bit of the good stuff!

Stitch down the long side and around the curve.  I used a foots width on the machine as my seam allowance and then ziz zag over my raw edge to make sure none of the good stuff escaped.

Turn inside out, if you are a neat freak, you could give it a little press with the iron and then fill with the best cat nip one can find (mine is a mix of a recyed and new cat nip from Pets at Home)

Stitch across the bottom and give to the head of the house hold.

Top Tip! do not leave pussycat unattended with the cat nip.

Happy Cat Nipping All!


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Marms Stogey -001
Can’t prove it was me, with the cat nip all over the place. I was kippin’

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