Welcome 2014, (may I have more success, this year than last!)

All I can say, is what happened to 2013?

I think I blinked and it flashed before my eyes. I accomplished nothing that was on my 2013 – to do list.  However we did move house and I did start a new job, so maybe it wasn’t a complete disaster.

So the question for 2014 is; What is going on the to do list for this year?

Every year, the same stuff crops up on my new year list – learn to drive.  Yes, I am a 40 something non driver.  I have always lived in a city and had public transport on my door step and never got around to driving. However, now living in Wiltshire it’s not so easy.  Maybe 2014 will be the year.

Give up cake and get back on my push bike.

Budget better; start saving for next christmas now!

MoGirl DESIGNS, my creative outlet or empire as I call it. So many things, so little time. I am it and yes, I struggle to achieve what I want to do for so many reasons. Time, some days I am just too tired, I never do enough admin, as I hate it.  I never use Facebook or my blog to its full advantage. I have enough  books to tell me how, as I have stated before I am a little bit of an amazon compulsive shopper, so I should know all the top tips. Spending hours taking pics and editing the photos, working on listings, just fills me with dread.  The fear of boredom sets in even before I begin.

Roman blind in beautiful designer Harlequin fabric
Roman blind in beautiful designer Harlequin fabric hanging in my sewing room.

To be honest, I just want to make stuff.  Be left alone in my little room, with my very tragic 80’s music,my sewing machine a bit of fabric and just play!  Is that toooo much to ask?

For the last three ? years, I have sat down, done a plan of action, my list of goals to achieve on the empire front and then well… It doesn’t quite happen. I admire anyone, who can blog almost daily, make stuff – update their stock on Etsy or alike on a regular basis and hold down a day job of any description. I do feel that I need to grow and turn MoGirl DESIGNS into a lovely little profitable business or stop hording fabric saying I will make a bag from that, cushions from this or return to the day job full-time. (That’s never going to happen).

So the question remains. What am I going put on this years to do list?

MoGirl DESIGNS Mognolia
Mognolia tree, ready to plant in the garden come spring.

I have lots of projects planed for our new home. Curtains, roman blinds to make; create a learey downstairs loo.  Wall paper my sewing room in some equally silly fun wall paper and style my sewing room in the appropriate fashion. Find the perfect set of drawers to decoupage as my sewing room designer feature.

Garden to land scape – okay that will be a veggie patch and new wisteria. I was not allowed to dig the one up in our old house and bring it with us, but  I did get the Magnolia in a pot! (Nick was not happy about that) however it’s doing very nicely.   

OOh and somewhere I am meant to double my Etsy shop takings on last year and actually do all the relive admin to help achieve this.  The easy bit, is just making stuff; ooh and blog.

So many fab ideas for interesting post and crafty plans its hard to know where to start. However my down fall is my time management. I have a feeling that is the key to 2014 success.

Welcome 2014! may this be the year that I concur my time management failure and reach that goal for my Etsy shop. Here goes, wish me luck.

Happy 2014 everyone.

Maree xx

PS For a limited time only – Till Sunday 12th January 2014; I have a sale on at my etsy shop.  35% discount off all shop lines. Use discount code Welcome2014 when you checkout to receive this lovely saving on all my beautiful cushion covers and bags! www.etsy.com/shop/MoGirlDesigns

Check out my sale at www.MoGirlDESIGNS/etsy.com  Use coupon code Welcome2014  when you check out to receive 35% discount on all my lovely covers
Check out my sale at http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MoGirlDesigns
Use coupon code Welcome2014 when you check out to receive 35% discount on all my lovely covers.  Happy shopping.

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