Craft fair Update

Well, I have to start out by apologising for my absence at my blog page, it has been some time, since I have dropped by to say hi and let you know what I am up to.

I have had, one awful cold that keeps coming back, just when I start to feel better, it would be back and then I would be sick again.  Nothing would be done on the empire and the day job was struggle but I think now I have turned a corner and that winter bug has finally passed as the sun comes out of hiding.

This is my ironing board and I will stay for as long as I like!

My husband has decided that it is time for a move and the house has gone on the market as he is feed up in living within my studio and we need somewhere bigger.  So it is a bit of a logistical nightmare with all my sewing and fabric and making bits and leaving the house spotless.  Every time I walk out the front door everything has to be packed away.

Still everyone reminds me that I will get a lovely studio / sewing room – which I have been lucky enough to have had once in my past and it was bliss!  To be able to close the door… but the cat – who at the time was Blacksta, still slept on the ironing board.

Kids in bunk beds. Marmalade has the top bunk, after all, she is the ‘top cat’

Marmalade does the same and has got very stroppy about the fact the ironing board has been pack away the last few weeks!  Jam more so, about the fact his house has gone into the garage and he just has his bed in the corner of the lounge room.

I have to say.. I am picking out wall paper for my studio and designing chest of draws in my head to store all my goodies, picking out new sewing machines and  work table.. I am embracing the move, even thought I moan about having to pack everything away..

It has been a busy start  to 2013..

One of my new year’s resolutions was to do more or at least, start doing regularly was some craft fairs. The hard part of this I thought was finding some thing local and booking them in around my ever-moving Saturdays off from my day job. As I work on a five-week rota and get two out of five Saturday off, I always thought this was the hard part.

Open for Business

But doing the craft fairs on the side of the day job/empire has resulted in ‘lost weekends’.  After what always feels like a long week at the day job and then up bright and early on the Saturday heading off to the craft fair, by Sunday I am in a heap on the sofa as I feel I am in desperate need of a rest day and after I have packed all my cushions and bits back away, a trip to the supermarket for the weekly shop, a walk with my husband and Jam,  by Sunday afternoon I am fast asleep on the sofa and no Etsy or sewing has been getting done. Then its back to the day job for another few days before anything gets made.

I did The Malting in Farnham Surrey in February  Which is a lovely building that is all about craft and they have a monthly market on the first Saturday of every month.  It’s been going apparently for 25 years.  A well established market, but I have to say, it didn’t work for me.  The customer’s liked the older more established stall holder’s, as most had been going for the 25 years which the market has been running for.

I have done Farnham twice and I questioned my success rate and the cliente’le that attend wasn’t really my ‘market segment’ so to speak.  I  though maybe I should try another market and The Windmill Market in Wimbledon was starting out and its a little closer to home, so I have given that a go for the last two months.    Again I have to say, my success rate is questionable but its a great young market and I have really enjoyed going.

The Windmill Market, Wimbledon
The Windmill Market, Wimbledon

The Windmill Market falls on the second saturday of the month and it has just started this year in February.  It is held in St Marks Church, just off the high street with around 25 stalls. It is a great mix of young local Artisan; crafter’s and food stalls with live music, it’s has a great atmosphere.  See what Bryony Harrison, who is a local writer and blogger, has to say about last Saturday’s Windmill Market.

I am unable to do another market at Wimbledon until October – due to how my rota falls with my weekends off at the day job. But I have made some great new friends and love the customer contact that I don’t get from my online shop.  I have to say, it has all been very positive with the comments that I have had about my work.  However I will miss not being able to attend the market over the  summer with its indoor and outdoor stall and so much yummy food to sample.

It is rather an enjoyable day out, even if nothing gets made that weekend and by sunday afternoon I am asleep on the sofa for 2 hours.

My next market planned is at Denby’s wine estate, Dorking.  This is part of Shop feast Market place. I haven’t got a pitch there till the June market, but that gives me a good couple of months to stock up on coin purse and shop bags.  Along with the lavender owls and some other lovely new creatures!

Welly Boots cushion cover 30 x 50cm
Welly Boots cushion cover 30cm x 50cm

My second birthday on Etsy is only a couple of weeks away and I have broken the 100th Etsy sale mark.  A small celebration is planned with some friends, which will involve cake and bubbly.  Sooo looking forward to that!

I have got a number of Sale / Reduced/ End of Line items in my Etsy store at the moment.  A range of cushion covers reduced to £15- to make way for all my new velvet cushion covers.

I went to the Osborn and Little fabric sale in March and got some beautiful new fabrics and I have had some great Designer Guild purchases as well. Very excited about that, as most of it is for cushion covers, but I have got a couple of lovely pieces for bags.

Osborne & Little, Romo, Laura Ashley – All £15

Well, I think that is about it really. I have this week off from the day job, so it’s a bit of a catch up and make week, so I think it’s time to make a little bit of a mess and start cutting out some new cushion covers!

I promise not to leave it so long next time in letting you know what MoGirl is up to.

Maree xx

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