Welcome 2013

As I sit in bed and do my normal routine of looking through face book to see what my family has been up to in the last 12 hours ( brother, nieces nephew and mates from school), I  stumble across a friends blog.  I haven’t seen Frankie in nearly 20 years, but those deep school friendships we make last a life time.

Her blog was her; fun, witty, charming, well read, a feminist – do they exist in 2013 and well… just her.  Nothing like me.  You might like it – have a read.  http://quollgirl.wordpress.com  We are nothing alike, but mates. Childhood and teenage years can bond you forever.  As I have discovered over the years, these friendships are less judgmental  and kind of accepts you as you are because as kids we can be rather nasty as say it how it is and if you still have these friendships at 40 – longer than most  marriages these days,  those mates keep you grounded.

My mate Mira & her daughter Jasim.
My mate Mira & her daughter Jasim. Chinta Rita, Sydney 2012

I have friends that I only see once a year – due to the large blocks of ocean that separate us.   When I sit down with them, it is effortless.  Just like yesterday since we last saw each other.

My friendships, always remind me of the bond that the girls in ‘Lace’ by Shirley Conran shared.  This was my favourite teenage book. Without giving too much of the plot away  if you fancy a read, you never know which one is Lily’s mum till the end of the book as they all stick together and as they weave in and out of each other’s lives.  It’s always like yesterday when they catch up.

Lace was re published last year on its 30 year anniversary. (Boy, do I feel old).  I think the  comments on the review are a bit mean and don’t  reflect all the aspects of the book. Part of this story for me was the bond that the girls shared as friends something that I have carried though my life.  But then again,  I am a leo and so that makes loyal to the bitter end.  I guess not everyone sees the same things.  Like all good books or a great chick-flick plot / location can be questioned, but it is allowing us to escape from our own busy lives and be transported somewhere else for a short time http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/the-womens-blog-with-jane-martinson/2012/jun/11/shirley-conran-lace-feminist-bonkbuster

To me, that’s the sign of true mate; They know who you are, crap at letter writing / face book / blogging – even phone calls. We all get busy with our daily lives, jobs, husbands, kids – whatever and we struggle to keep in touch with people.  I know we all travel far – but really it’s not that far these days with face book. The only difference is that we are not sitting around having a meal or a glass of wine.

My Husband- Nick, maning the shop.
My husband – Nick, manning the shop.

So my struggle with daily life continues, I have discovered  neglected post with photos not added.

December has ended in a haze of busy empire days, orders sent out, craft fairs attended and deemed not a financial success, but that hasn’t stopped me from planning the next one to give it a go.

Extra long days at work, due to the demands of Christmas retail and then followed up by sale.  Christmas dress finished and then I declare I look fat in it and need something else to wear to Christmas lunch. – My dress was designed for the 10kg lighter version of me, so I guess what one of my resolutions is! (okay the 15kg lighter version)

Christmas lunch at Wentworth, 2012.
Nick & I sipping champagne before Christmas lunch

Failing ill to a dreaded lurgy and spending the best part of a week in bed, shopping on Amazon for more unneeded craft books and how to build my empire so I can give up my day job and do what I love.  I know the answer to that and I really don’t need another book to tell me how to achieve it.  Time and discipline is the key to the success of my etsy empire and world craft domination.  To which I struggle with both.

So my new year’s resolution is to make a plan and stick to it. I love to make stuff – my cushions are doing well, my bags are beautiful – when I actually make one of time-consuming buggers and this time next year to be able to say to my boss ‘you know what – I only want to work a day a week’ (Mainly because of my staff discount – I can’t quite give it up) as I have been crafting and selling my stuff for nearly four years since I made my first bag and sold it.

Super stylish, for the Mother - in Law
Super stylish, for the Mother in Law

So I will declare 2013 to be the year of the MoGirl. I promise to blog once every other week.  Face book every few days and get a 100 items on my etsy page before the end of January (- well maybe mid Feb. I still need 40 more!)

So happy New Year to you and thanks for stopping by and all your support of my etsy shop in 2012.


Happy New Year!


Fun and quirky for my New Zeland neice!
Fun and quirky for my New Zealand niece

PS – what I made from my Amazon purchase.  I took my inspiration from many designs that are on etsy http://www.etsy.com  and a tad of know how, from bag designer – Lisa Lam from http://www.u-handbag.com and her excellent bag book – ‘A bag for all reasons’.  Now all I have to do is make myself one!

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