Cushion breakdown.

What a week I have had.  I have custom order cushions all over the place and the Christmas fair thing just keeps getting pushed further and further aside. I have had a bout of the dreaded lurgy and  I just want to curl up into a ball and hide under my blanket on the sofa and watch a bit of ugly Betty.

Just some of the goodies on their way to Tucson Arizona, USA

My cushion orders are all just about done. I am still waiting on an extra piece of fabric to complete one order and the other is winging its way to Tucson Arizona, USA.  The place still looks like a bomb has hit it with fabric piles on the arm-chair and on top of my Christmas box of goodies.  Those stocking and Christmas puddings and bunting will not make themselves, if I don’t get a start on something.  My husband keeps saying – don’t you have some little elves that do all this work for you?

No.  The chief elf is me, who has a day job and heading for a nervous breakdown of the cushion kind.

I have a couple of extra days off this week, so a start will be made!  After updating blog post, picture-taking of more cushions to list on my Esty boutique, knocking up a sample or two of some patchwork bolster cushion covers, as everyone who has seen my custom order ones loved them and making a start on my christmas day dress. Oh the list just goes on & on.

Well I guess this is what one feels like when they are trying to set up a business and work for themselves.  It has just dawned on me, that is, what I’m trying to do.  Set up a profitable business, to work for myself and be my own boss.  I know that is what everyone really longs for.   Does that mean I can front up for work in my pj’s? – Who’d know??  Would the boss get upset?  Would they tell me off? Do I care?  The only person that would see me, is the post man delivery my fabric orders. He’s already seen me this way, so hey.

I have had some amazing fabric finds this week.  I have got a beautiful roll of some Designer Guild cut velvet in gorgeous dark magenta pink and a lovely bit of classic blue stripe.  Both of which will make into lovely cushion covers and I did get a tad too excited when I came across them.  That is part of who I am.  Someone who gets excited by fabric.

A little ‘Fashion Road Kill’

I think that the one thing that I truly grasped at my three years of Fashion College.  No matter what, you always start with the fabric first. You will look at it, asset it and work out the best thing to make from it following the trends. Because if someone has purchased two hundred metre of fabric, however much you may hate it, you will have to use it. This does bring back some super cringe worthy moments of Fashion College.

There was always this moment of holding your breath as our teacher pulled out the rolls of fabric we were to use for our next collection. How it made us all want to cry.  Ooh the shame of it all.  ‘I can still hear her voice, ‘this is to be a collection of five garments and this is to be at least 3, you may as well get use to it, because this is how it works in the real world…’ Then the looks you get from family and friends is – ‘you picked that?’ they grasp the concept even less than what you did.

I have to be honest, I don’t know what is worse, the cringe worthy photos themselves or actually what I made.

Christmas day fabric choice

So going forward with my fashion or creative life I have a few ideas of what to make and then somehow the finished idea will just come together on its own once you hit the fabric shops and make your selection, that’s  it. You can see how it will look and then all you need is the time to put it together.

I have made my fabric choice for my Christmas day dress.  I got a lovely piece of blue, shot with red silk and now all I need is a day to start cutting and sewing to get my dress underway. I have to say, I have now spent all week on the internet searching for the right shoes.

Until next time, have a great week.

Maree xx

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