Christmas is going to happen, so just get on and deal with it!

Miss Marmalade

Oh my god, what a week.

Miss Marmalade has had me up bright and early every day for her breakfast at 5am.  She wants her breakfast and then she takes herself off to her favourite spot and turns into a happy kippy cat for the next few hours.  I return to bed, toss and turn, before I admit defeated and get up around 5.30am and check out what has happened with my empire.

The thing about my Etsy shop – is that most of my customers are from the United States or Australia, so that two hours I do in the morning, is usually someone’s home time from their day job.  It’s a good time to return messages, prep listings and get orders wrapped before I get ready to go off to my day job and asking my husband  (tell really..) with a big cheesy smile, can he go to the post office for me?

Fabric to be made into cushions!

This week, I have taken two rather large custom orders and have spent time returning emails and confirming bits. The fabric pile on the dining room  table, keep growing as I check, that I have enough, or can get more of what I need.  I have to say, I feel slightly over whelmed and not quite sure where to start.

I have a mate in Oz, who purchased two of my lovely fold up shopper bags at the weekend and she also asked if I could find her some fabric to make up some yellow cushions.  I said, not a problem, I will order some sample and pop them all in the post with your order.  I have to be honest, that has not happened.  Somehow, Deb has ended up at the bottom of my list as not only has she drawn the short straw as she is a mate; but for customer, I work on the principle, first come, first served.  It hasn’t worked.  I need more hours in my day.

My great denial of Christmas dilemma, I have come to the conclusion, it will happen, if I like it or not.

I work in retail, you know Christmas has really hit, when the Christmas shop is selling lots of decoration, you start looking at trees and more importantly 50 foot star decorations start to hang from the ceiling down escalators’ stair wells. Yep, Christmas is coming.  Visual have taken over the store and we start to look like a Christmas wonder land, with tempting goodies everywhere.  Bar Hum Bug usually sets in around the 1st December.

I am still trying to sort out Christmas fairs and the one I wanted to do in a couple of weeks, I could not get, so I will try for the date in December. (As I currently have 20 cushions covers to make as custom orders, I think December is better, in my current situation.)  My planned weekend  of making Christmas pudding decoration has hit the back burner.

Vogue Pattern V2842

Also this year as a special treat my father in law has offered to pay for Christmas lunch out.   This will involve a new dress for me, and a very big wine bill for him.  So all week, I have been walking around the department at work, pulling out fabric from furnishing fabric and haberdashery looking for the right fabric for my Christmas day dress and getting everyone’s opinion  on it.  No one is really surprised by my choices. I have struggled to find a little bit of inspiration on this one. However, I think I have found something.

Yes, I do realise, that my pattern is a wedding dress pattern. But I do have a vision and it will be tweaked to ‘A Maree’.  My husband has said to me countless times, ‘It’s lunch and not dinner!’ and the hot topic of conversation is what colour and one of the girls keep saying – ‘Surley, Maree.  You have a dress.’   The answer to Fran’s question is Yes.

However it is Christmas and I cannot turn up to lunch at Wentworth, in a dress, that I have already worn once.  (I do have to admit that would be the princess coming out in me.)

Its Christmas day, we are going out for lunch, I can dress up and I have a new dress.  (New shoes, new coat, complete with the perfect clutch..ummm – cheaper to cook everyone dinner I think.)

I may not sleep the week before Christmas and be up finishing it on Christmas morning. Then have two glasses of bubble and fall asleep at the table.   Wouldn’t be the first time.   One new years eve, did kind of go like this, complete with terrible migraine and unable to face most of my dinner.  However, the boy’s didn’t mind as they got extras. I will be having a new dress and it will look fabulous.

More importantly, I know, when I turn up, no one will have the same dress on.

My vision also includes a new winter coat; however, I may have to draw the line at that. But I will give it a go.

So I am at my three-day weekend from the day job, lots to be done and I can guess, not enough hours in my day. I must make a start on some of these cushions as otherwise I will have some very unhappy customers.

Have a great week all and see you next time.

Maree xx

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