Christmas fair or not?

I have to be honest; I must be one of the worst bloggers out there! It’s not that I don’t want to tell people what I am up to – because I am always doing stuff regarding my little empire.  However I think finding the time has been a  little bit challenging.

I set my blog up to be a bit more in depth than my facebook page and I have to say – for nearly 6 weeks that didn’t even get a look in!

Christmas Red’s

Now, I know I set out to be a blogger back in the summer and, in my defence, I  would like to say  I  also have a day  job and somehow feel that  I can be a full on crafter at the same time.   Yes there would be days, that at 4 pm I fall in a big heap on the sofa with my cocktail of choice – at the moment it is a good old Bellini (I  have to say made with Prosecco) and watching re runs of ‘Ugly Betty’.

 After what feel likes no day off, making cushions to list in my Etsy store, doing custom order cushions, making bespoke bags and taking in the very odd curtain alternation, sewing lesson and trawling through eBay for the best bargain fabric I can find!  Then getting a little too excited when I win it!

Bespoke Market Shopper – Overnight Tote.

So a Bellini and Ugly Betty, just two of my guilty pleasures on my days off, before I think about dinner and ironing my work clothes to return to my day job after a hard day empiring.

So at the moment I am kind of in a panic as I have not booked a Christmas fair – I have done small school fairs over the last three years and to be honest, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

I keep saying to myself no! So much work and stress – my hours at work are longer,  but somehow I just keep feeling that I should have gone into a made panic about the fact that I haven’t got one booked and am I missing out??   After all, I do work in retail and I know how important Christmas is to the end of year trade and ……. OMG what to do?

It’s not like I wouldn’t have anything to sell?  Lots of lovely cushion covers made, a few beautiful bags as the extra special gifts and few Christmas stocking to add to the theme of the season – I have knocked up a couple of samples.  Some would say the hard part is done.  Find it, book it, Go for it!  I am a firm believer to not think about stuff too much and just do it.  But the Christmas fair thing- I think I have over thinked it. But I am still on the edge of will I, wont I?  However Christmas is coming.

Christmas Stockings

Christmas happens, every year at the same time.  We have 365 days notice of when it happens.  I have said this to customers at 4pm Christmas eve when they kick off about the fact the beauty box of goodies that his girlfriend / wife has put on her list has sold out, the store is about to shut and I have a customer standing in front of me with no gift and not impressed at that we shut at 5pm and why are we not open till 6pm like normal? Or even 9pm like a late night?   (Walk away Maree.  Anyone who has every, worked in retail will under stand this.)

So the good old Christmas fair- to do, or not to do. I am still none the wiser.  I think if it wasn’t such a hassle with the day job to trade a day with someone as I work 3 out of 5 Saturdays or hope, that I can get one on one of my days off- I would have booked it months ago.  Partly I am also one of those people that are in denial of Christmas.   Come the 1st November, I just want the 1st of January to come, so I have a fresh start and the whole thing is just over and done with. (Actually, it’s the 26th January – That would be Australia day & clearance is over and done with at work and everything is back to normal!)

Christmas Pudding Decorations

So I guess, my real problem is, how to escape Christmas?  Being in retail and a crafter is not the place to escape it.  So I guess I embrace it!   Let’s face it, Christmas will happen if we like it or not.  It happens the same time every year and we cannot change it.

So the mad panic will continue – I need to find a craft fair- swap a day at work- beg plead bribe, and start making the Christmas puddings decorations that sold like hot cakes last year as hey – I have 6 weeks!

 So just to reintroduce my self- Hi, my name is Maree.

I am crafter with a day job- who is in denial of Christmas ever happening- and an awful blogger!!

Thanks for stopping by and if you know of any last minute vacancies at Christmas craft fairs in Surrey or central London – let me know!  (Email me; Australian girl in London prepared to travel –  has own bags and cushions!

Have a great day and I promise not to leave my post so long apart in the future and will let you know the outcome of the craft fair dilemma.

 Love Maree xx

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