MoGirl is blogging

Well …. This is my very first blog post.  It has taken some months to actually get around to doing, but hey… I think I am here at last.  I know once my page is all set up, the secret best seller author within me will come shinning through.  As a teenager I always sewed and would spend hours locked in my bedroom writing short stories that my friends only ever read.

Sadly, it was the only way it all could go.
I actually think one of my best friends from school still some of those very early manuscripts – if I dare call them that – stashed away.  Nadina as a teenage was always a hoarder and could never part with a thing – as an adult why would she be anything less?  Other’s came to the fate of a ceremonial burning with my poster collection and scrape books of my not so secrete obsession of Morten Harket – from the all time great 80’s band A-HA.
I will still say, to this day as I push 40- Morten is a God!  Just as well I grew up in country New South Wales, Australia.  Because if I lived in London. I feel I may have been an obsessive stalker of the A-ha variety.
By the time I reached London, A-ha were – as some would say no more. But I still managed to see them very time they came to town and my loving husband understand my Morten issues.
Our double act – Marmalde the cat and Jam the dog.
Well yes, I would be an Aussie girl now living in Surrey with my English husband and our kids.  I have to be straight, that when I say the kids- I mean, the cat – Marmalade and our Battersea rescue dog – he was advertised as this –Jam.  They are our double act & Marmals rules the house.  My early post will be due to her.  She likes breakfast around 5am I plan to make good use of this time.

I have been here now for 9 years and finally the last couple of years I have been doing something with my main passion – which is sewing.  So when as teenager I wasn’t day dreaming about meeting Morten or writing a silly short story or was knocking up some hideous pink taffeta creation, that I had nowhere to wear it – It was country NSW Australia after all,  I only wanted to go to fashion college.

I was not very academic.  I hated maths and at Fashion College I failed fashion maths – Twice!  (Fashion maths you ask? Well that would be how much thread you would use to make a garment and how much electricity you burn while making said garment and alike.)

Train crash fashion creations from 1988 – 2002

I did 3 years of Fashion Production- Custom Clothing at East Sydney College – Sydney Australia. I am a full qualified seamstress and my skills are these days put to use by my mates at work who decided they would rather have something made for them, than shop for it.  I have just done a hand over of a wedding dress for a good friend and I am not allowed to list any pics of my hard work for another week until her big day – You will have to come back for that one!

So finally in the last couple of years with much nagging of my husband I have embraced craft.  I am always making something so it’s time that I actually do something full time that I love.  That would be making stuff!

I use the term ‘full time’ loosely as I still have a day job – I am not allowed to give it up just yet –but I am not quite full time.  In my 5 week rota, I have a few 3 day weekends.  They are my Empire days.  Today as I embrace blogging.  This would be one of those days.

Just a few things I have made so far this year, 2012.

What do I make and what is MoGirl Designs?

I grew up in a small town called Mogo, which is about 4 hours south of Sydney – blink and you miss it.  So the girl from Mogo designs. That would be me.

What does she design?

Well I love to make bags. With my bags, I create for my clients’ something personal and individual that no one else has.  Because let’s face it – in the land of mass market, who wants to be the same as everyone else.  We all like to stand out from the crowd in one way and have something no one else has.  What a better way to do that – Than a custom made bag?

Bespoke Farmer Market / Holiday bag, by MoGirl DESIGNS. June 2012

Most of my bags are done for friends or friends of friends or work colleagues as I love to work with my client and create something with their input.  As yet I have not figured out to take this to a much larger scale. But I am working on it.

I have my etsy sight- where I have a few bags, but mainly cushions. All my fabrics are remnants or I buy small quantities of material that I get at designer sales. I love quality.  So I do my best to get the best and most beautiful fabric I can that’s not too expensive.

This I feel is enough about me for my first post.  Let me know what you think and if you have enjoyed discovering a bit about me and my etsy boutique.  My goal is a post a week and to have a special bespoke bags section to keep you up to date with everything that I create.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Maree xx

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