Welcome to MoGirl DESIGNS

Welcome to my blog..

Bag Girl DRESS
My super hero shirt dress.

I am Maree – The mad seamstress of MoGirl DESIGNS.

I would like to add- mad as in crazy style and not as in angry.

I’m not the best blogger in the world – I am still unsure of how to get my blog found. I start off each year meaning well and then well… it just falls by the way side.  But in 2018 I am going to give this my best shot yet and crack this thing.

I have update all my ‘about me’ content, new pics and here we go.

I run an Etsy boutique- I think boutique sounds better than shop and just because it’s on line, why can’t it be a boutique?


I make limited quanites of cushion covers as I only buy short pieces or renmants at Designer sales and sell them here.

I strive to be different. I like bold bright colours. I am not afraid to mix it up a little. Some would suggest my style is not for the faint hearted or for everyone.

 My cushion covers are designed to brighten up your life in an array of colours…


Yes – that does translate to bright and my mum would even go as far to say gordy!  Not her thing or a word that I would like associated with my MoGirl DESIGNS image – but to some, this may sum up my thing.

I like to think I am more…. Quirky.

So here I will strive to tell you about what amazing fabrics I have found – most will be for upholstery – my cushion covers but also what I make for me. Sewing keeps me sane and is the thing I love the most – (well my cat 🐱 marmalade comes first, then our dog 🐶 Jam and then my husband Nick  🐻 -he knows his place).

I love to make things, loud and bright. Maybe it’s living in England where it’s cold and grey so much it’s nice to embrace colour and have fun. Being colourful brings smiles to people’s faces and I think that’s important.

I love to mix it up, bright bold colours, stripes, patterns, florals.  You name it.  I am not scared at putting it togther.  Remember bold colours will pop with your nuturals and create a focus. You don’t have to go completely crazy like I do.  Just pick what you love and it will always bring a smile to your face.

Some people asks for bold and colourful and I am only to happy to deliver.

'Thanks again; Fan-bloody-tastic!' I love it when I make people smile
‘Thanks again; Fan-bloody-tastic!’ I love it when I make people smile.  A custom order of patchwork bedhead collection of cushions.

I love taking custom order and create a bespoke cushion collections. I am more than happy to buy in for you a piece of designer fabric and make to your request or make you something ‘a little mad’.

I recently did just thats recently, a fun collection of patchwork cushion to be used as part of a bedhead. Yes, they were a little mad, it could have gone either way – but they were a hit and it sums up what I love to create.

And now for something a little more classic and not so mad- but equally loved by there new owner.

MoGirl DESIGNS cushion covers
Patchwork cushion covers using Harlequin and Osborne and Little Designer fabrics in black beige and grey tones. Simply stunning.

At my Etsy boutique http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MoGirlDESIGNS you can  always contact me and request something special. I have a huge stash of fabric and I may just have want you are looking for or am more than happy to try and find it for you, if you had something in particular in mind.

I search out expensive fabrics at Designer sales – so they can be end of or old season designs. I try to carry more unusual fabrics that people at first may be a little scare of but when there made up, you know your mind is ticking over to try and work out if they will work for you.

In a nut shell, I am a fabric horder and find making things therapeutic.  It keeps me sane. I don’t think I will ever make my millions from selling on etsy but I do part time what gives me pleasure and the other half of the time, what I have to do, to pay the bills.

I would rather make than blog.

So if you don’t hear from me for  while, you know why.  I am under a mound of fabric, busy creating that custom order,   making stock to get listed in my shop, making myself a cheeky something. (It doesn’t happen often, but I deserve something nice too..) or possible having a day off and walking my mate Jam.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!

Maree, The mad seamstress’s of MoGirl DESIGNS


I am a pretty bad speller and still with spell check I miss stuff- so please forgive me. I still discover errors after I have posted stuff.


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